Your Psychic Ability: Connecting Your Clairs

Connecting Your Clairs: Psychic Ability

Psychic Ability: Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing

Often linked with the Third-Eye, or Mind’s Eye. Clairvoyance can come to you in the way of impressions or images.

Flashes of light, or fully visual spiritual encounters.


Psychic Ability: Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

You may hear sounds that are not associated with the physical. Some hear conversations, singular words, audio sounds and even music.

These sounds may be heard internally by some. While others experience physical sounds not linked with the environment or location.

Psychic Ability: Clairsentience – Clear Feeling

Have you ever experienced the sudden chills, or felt the pain/happiness of another?

Clairsentience is associated with experiencing emotions and/or sensations of others.

Either within the living, or those whom have passed.

Psychic Ability: Clairalience – Clear Smelling

Scent and aroma can be very specifically linked to individuals.

This clair will have you noticing specfic and unexplainable odours and scents.

Psychic Ability: Clairgustance – Clear Tasting

You can taste foods and flavours without having eaten or physically put food in the mouth.

Tasting Grandmas famous cherry-pie; perhaps she’s trying to communicate?

Psychic Ability: Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

Trust plays a large role in the development of this clair.

Having a sense of knowing something, without understanding how you know.

Sometimes knowing an event will happen, or feeling an urge to make contact with a loved one.

This clair is all about truth that lies within your soul.

Not All Of The Psychic Abilities

While there are more abilities you can work with, do you resonate with any of these Clairs-abilities?

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