Venus enters Leo – July 21st

Venus enters Leo – July 21st. How does this energy bring cause and effect to your love and romance?


Goddess of love, romance, pleasure, beauty, the heart, attraction, harmony, and art.


Fire, confident, comfortable, centre of attention, ambitious, loyal, protective, generous, sunny, big-hearted.


Stronger: Opinionated, zesty, fiery, sultry, argumentative, and stubborn.

Softer: gentle giant, hard-exterior soft-interior, caring, sultry.

What does Venus entering Leo mean?

From today until July 21st Venus enters the fiery sign of Leo. With Venus being the planet of love, passion and romance, we can expect some flares to go off while she’s within the region of Leo.

Those partnered up may experience some royal treatment, care and attention from their significant other. And while you yourself may become more open to sharing your feelings, thoughts and emotions; you may also find yourself within the energy of unpredictability.

You will seek out the care and sharing of your love. Yet, you may anticipate recognition and reward for your efforts too. That, if gone unnoticed or appreciated, you may find yourself hurt and shouting about it.

What is showing up?

When Venus enters Leo the themes of these two combine & create ramifications. Some of which you will find yourself embracing, while others you will wish to keep an eye out for. To combat any circumstances that are less than desirable from playing out.

Leo brings in a need to be recognised, and may even be at the expense to the needs of others around you. So, pay attention to your needs, as you may wish to communicate them sooner & remove the risk of being disappointed if they’re not met.

Break-ups around this time may feel harder to heal and move on from. You may need more support from friends and family, while taking more time for yourself too. Keep this in mind if your loved ones are going through these events, as they too may appear more needy than usual. Perspective and understanding will take you far over the next few weeks.

Key theme:

There is an overall essence of indulgence. Be it in the shared love and gifting of others, or in the desire to splurge upon ones self. Venus enters Leo and exudes luxury. You will find yourself perhaps partaking in a shopping spree or ten! Leo loves material possessions, this being part of the Leo’s karmic influences to master that inner self-control.

However, the biggest theme to come out of this transit is both joy and respect. As Venus tends to the harshness of Leo’s nature, through love and nurturing, there comes a great appreciation for comfort found only in the sharing with others.

The Good News?

The Lion within hungers for acknowledgement and to be looked after. To be respected, as we all do. Leo will always return the favour threefold, reminding us that the embracing of this energy brings with it great and royal abundance.

  • Feeling more sultry and romantic
  • Longing to express yourself and your inner glamourzon
  • Big romance, big gestures
  • Urge to spend
  • Urge to Indulge
  • Public displays of affection; being care-free in your love of one another
  • Unafraid to put yourself out there

There is so much that this time and energy brings. Hope and prosperity in areas of love & with the self.

Embrace what comes forward for you.

Signs this transit will benefit most:
  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Gemini
  • Cancer

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