Venus Conjunction with Mars: Love & War United

Venus Conjunction with Mars: Love & War United, or will battles ensue?


July 13th


Conjunction: Venus & Mars will appear to be 0.5* from each other, from Earth.


Venus, Mars


Passion, new relationships, hunger for affection, creative prospects

What does this mean?

Passions blow-up between these two. With Venus being all about love and Mars sharing that same love for all things war, there’s a combined thrusted energy that we can anticipate over this period.

Venus conjunct Mars is also a great combo for the expansion of creative projects. Take this time as the cosmic-nod you’ve been searching for to get things underway. Don’t put off what you’ve been working on, as procrastination may cause you more internal conflicts that will result in setbacks brought forward with Mars being present here too.

What is showing up?

Lots of new, results of two powerful energies combining each other. New relationships, new passion projects, new motivations, new friends, new job, new house, new, new and more new! The positives of this mean that there are endless possibilities here that you can explore and embrace through your own motivation. Allow yourself to say ‘yes’ more, especially if the yes could place you closer to your goals.

The desire for intimacy and intimate relationships will be at the forefront of desire for many. You may find yourself needing to fulfil unusual romantic/passionate hungers you’ve not felt the desire for in some time. Although, this isn’t too intense that you will be finding yourself reacting out of character or finding yourself in awkward and undesirable situations.

You’ll possibly be presenting a much more tender and sensual nature. However, the good news is that you will find yourself in a positive vibration for romance and new love activation. An increase in confidence, charisma, and feelings of joy offer you positive connection opportunities. As mentioned earlier, with these influences, you may also find yourself longing to splurge on yourself. A new outfit, hair and makeup, or wearing your favourite outfit will only surge your self-esteem to positive heights. Whatever routines and rituals you have that help in boosting your confidence will have you feeling this energy more so.

Venus Mars Conjunction Dates

July 13, 2021
February 16, 2022
March 6, 2022
Feb 22, 2024
January 7, 2026
November 24, 2027
June 14, 2028
September 7, 2028
November 23, 2029

The Good News?

For those of you with creative passions and professions can anticipate a boosted energy of motivation and inspiration to find you over the next day or so. With everyone promised to feel a surge in energy towards the things we love.

Single: You may find yourself desiring and longing for human connection and physical interactions. Energy promises to raise your personal love cup & lift your spirits. Embrace what romantic and positive connections may find you.

Coupled: Anticipate yourself and/or your partner looking for more spark and romance.

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