Tarot Tips & Tricks: connection with your Tarot deck

Tarot Tips & Tricks

When starting out and connecting with Tarot, sometimes the best tools are those that allow you to see & understand connections between the cards. Below we list a few tips and tricks you can apply when starting to form connection with your Tarot, and the images and messages within.

Tip 1: Keeping your deck near to you:

Tarot, like all things, is energy. The more you use them, the more you affiliate with the cards and their messages within. When beginning to work with your Tarot deck, your blending of energy will progress naturally over time. However, keeping your deck near to you will help strengthen your connection as you are more likely to reach for your cards when they’re easily accessible.

Tip 2: Sleep with your Tarot next to you, or under your pillow:

This one goes down in Tarot folklore, and somewhat ties into the last mentioned tip. Sleeping next to or near to your Tarot deck will allow the messages and archetypes to come through while in dream-state. This affinity helps you to become even more assimilated with the imagery in the cards.

Pro tip: Simply sitting your cards beside you will make them more accessible. Take this to the next level by flipping through the cards and taking in the images just before bed.

Working With Your Deck

Tip 1: Nervous about an upcoming situation?

Shuffle your deck up. Find the fool card.

The two cards placed either side of The Fool is how you should approach the situation.

Tip 2: Soul Searching.

Shuffle up your deck. Find The Hermit card.

The cards around him [2-4, go with what you’re drawn] will aid you.

Tip 3: Experiencing major life changes?

Shuffle your deck. Find The World card.

The surrounding card will provide you with guidance on this situation.

Understand the different ways Tarot can benefit you

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