Seeing Feathers & their Angelic Meaning

Seeing Feathers & their Angelic Meaning

Seeing Feathers

The Angels are a most divine and pure connection to the light. A catalyst of divine love and sharing that light with the world. The Angels are not made of flesh and bone, they’re pure light and therefore they’re unable to be felt in the same way as physical beings. Their purpose, among many, is to share peace and love throughout the world. And while they’re not always see, they do often let us know they’re near, supporting and connecting with us.
Feathers are a divine angelic symbol, representative of their divine light and purity. Weightless and beautiful, feathers are a beautiful symbol of Angelic connection. Seeing feathers are powerful reminders of our connection with God, The Universe & the light.

Feather Symbology

Not unlike seeing Angel Numbers, Angel feathers take on different meaning and message. Their messages can vary dependant upon the colour and timing of the feather. And while all feathers signal Angelic and divine connection, you can take greater meaning and message away from those which you see.
Signs and symbols help us with guidance in our lives. They can be a wonderful indicator for which direction to lead or for when overcoming difficulties or struggle. Ask for the Angels to guide you and look for their feathers are signal they’re near to you.

White Feathers

White feathers connect us with Angelic protection and divine help. Peace, purity, prosperity. They’re also a beautiful sign that a recent passed love one had made their transition from this world into the next peacefully. They’re also an indication to follow your heart and trust your desires for answers.

Black Feathers

Unlike what you may feel, black feathers share a positive message. They’re connected to a strong divine and angelic pressence being with you, protecting you. And are a reminder of your inner light and divine connection. Black feathers often show up during periods of confusion, as reassurance that you will soon move into a place of clarity and peace.

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