See What Our Audience Had To Say

See What Our Thursday Night LIVE Audience Had To Say


Getting to see your shared feedback during the live shows is so very rewarding for us. Below is some feedback received from two of our audience members that were lucky to receive guidance on Thursday’s show.

With our wonderful host this week, Ivana, at the helm we had Grace 9888 & Nick 9135 connecting with everyone. Such a wonderful evening with so many uplifting messages.

See feedback shared from Sheree for Grace:

Feedback : Thank you so much amazing grace u are on fire both my nans had stomach issues and both my nans lost there loves earlier in there lives and I have blue eyes that sometime change to green depending on my mood I also have polycystic ovary’s and have a lot of pain with this .”

Feedback shared from Nikita for Nick:

“Feedback: Oh wow Thank you Nick & wow you are so Amazing & so spot on with everything you said & especially about the white cockatoo as they do visit & I have heard them call out my name twice over the last few years & so looking forward to the next visit from my Dad Love & light to you both many Thanks again.”

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In the same way, we thank you so very much for your positivity, time and energy.

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