Pallas > Aries / Mercury > Aquarius

Pallas > Aries / Mercury > Aquarius


Pallas is an asteroid. While, Astrologically speaking, traditionally the Planets are the most important within our charts. However, asteroids can provide us with additional information and insight.

Pallas was discovered in 1802. The third largest asteroid, located between Mars and Jupiter. The time in which Pallas spends in each Zodiac sign varies. It’s symbol is: ⚴

Named after the Greek Goddess Pallas Athene, of wisdom and justice.

Other common asteroids are Ceres, Vesta and Juno.

Pallas In Astrology

In our natal chart, Pallas represents your attitude to creative learning, strategy, healing, wisdom, arts, and creating. Depending upon its placement in the houses of the chart, this shows us the areas of which our creative and healing abilities come to light.

War and fighting wasn’t something that Pallas shied away from, although she preferred to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Pallas in Astrology:
  • creative intelligence
  • science
  • wisdom
  • tact and diplomacy
  • strategy
  • social justice
  • courage
  • balance of masculine/feminine
  • feminine success in a male-dominated environment/world/reality

Pallas Enters Aries


With Pallas in Aries, you may find yourself better able to solve problems quickly. Taking the initiative needed to get things done.

Inspired action, you are motivated to not twiddle thumbs and strive towards completion. This isn’t rushed completion, this is gentle and perfected completion. You are passionate about the bigger picture, but don’t allow that to deter your focus.

Your connection with the physical body is heightened and a benefited focus with Pallas in Aries. You also wont shy away from a fight, raising your voice where it’s needed. Finding solutions to any difficult situations.

Mercury Enters Aquarius

Any conflicts faced at this time, however, may have heightened diplomatic resolve. While Pallas in Aries doesn’t want to back down from what needs to be done. Mercury in Aquarius suggests a more gentle and refined approach.

Embrace your mental clarity, as emotions and feelings shift out of the way of the truth.

You may find yourself out-of-touch with your emotions, as Mercury in Aquarius moves this to the side. Observe your surrounds and lead with rational and careful action.

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