Manifest Your Life: With Psychic TV

Manifest Your Life: With Psychic TV

What is a manifestation jar? Why should I create one?

Manifestation is a word you have probably heard of, you may already have a good understanding of what manifesting is. Or, you may be now beginning your journey with the evolution of a self-created reality. Regardless of your position with the notions of manifestation, this jar can help you in continuing this understanding.

There are many different reasons why you might choose to create your manifestations this way. You may be someone that has a logical mind, prefer or need to see in order to bring magic to life. This is a process that allows you to take thought and intention, and transport them with tangibility.

So, read on for the process of creating your own manifestation jar.

manifestation jar

Step 1: Get yourself a jar or vessel

Somewhere to safely hold and seal your intentions within. You may choose whatever you feel drawn to, however, ensure that you feel good about the holder of your intention.

Step 2: Get clear on your intention

Write your intentions for creating this jar down on a nice piece of paper, with an Orange marker. An intention is a desire you have that you will no begin working towards. This isn’t a wish, as wishes are seen as dreams that cannot be physically achieved. This is an inner desire that you not only want to see come into reality, but that you are going to work towards in your best way possible. Wishes are sent out and require no action. A manifestation is a desire that you will have, because you will make any needed changes along the way to ensure it. Use this jar to speed up that process. The colour Orange is linked with success, strength, attraction, goals. 

Step 3: Add ingredients; Herbs:

2 Sticks of Cinnamon – For power, protection and success

A sprig of Mint leaves – For luck and prosperity

Step 4: Add ingredients; Visuals:

Add any photographs, images, drawings to aid in why you’re creating this manifestation. If you’re working towards owning your first home, then you might include a picture of what your home may look like. You should try and be as specific as possible, and need not to include more than 1 or two images or drawings here.

Step 5: Add ingredients; Crystals:

You can adjust your crystals based upon your desires. Rose Quartz for love, Lapis for luck, Selenite for Money. Clear Crystal Quartz is a wonderful crystal energy amplifier for all intentions. Hold it in your palm and state out-loud why you’re using it here.

The crystal/s you use here will amplify your intentions even further. You may want to spend a little longer here, finding the crystal type that you feel aligns the best with your intention.

Remember the power you have, the ability to ignite your inner happiness. Uncover who you are within.

The Message of the day today is all about uncovering the joy within. What ignites you and aids in your everyday emotional love-state.

Happiness finds us when everything we think, feel and do in in harmony within. As true happiness is rarely sparked by external powers. Rather, the vibrancy comes from within us.

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