Love is the Prize

Written by our Psychic Remo 9123

There is often talk about why we are here on this earth, what is our purpose, why have we come, will we come back to re-live our life in another incarnation or even multiple. One thing I keep encountering over and over since I have been a practicing medium and even before, is that Love is the key to our life here. The key that opens doors to what we need to learn and why we have come and approaching everything from a Love based energy is essential for growth.

Love is the opposite of fear. Love is limitless, fear is restrictive. Love or fear, are what we base our decisions on. So no matter what we are doing we are all working toward awakening what we have within us, the ultimate prize, which is Love. Here is a message about Love that I channeled from one of my spirit guides.

What is Love?
Love is what we want it to be
Love is what makes us happy
Love is what we do and say that makes someone else happy
Love is what dwells deep within us
Love is what we need to express
Love is where we were created from
Love is what we sometimes lose along the journey
Love is where we return when we die


Written by our Psychic Remo 9123

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