Let’s Get Sirius: Sun Conjunct Sirius

Let’s get Sirius Starseeds, as the Sun conjunct Sirius.


Fixed Star, Behenian


Jupiter, Mars


High ambition, pride, love of power, grandeur of view, honour, wealth, renown, devotion, faithfulness, resentment, resentments, passions.

What does this mean?

The Sun is now conjunct Sirius in the Canis Major. The Canis Major is a constellation in the southern sky, representing the bigger dog following Orion, the hunter in Greek mythology. The big-dog is often depicted pursuing a hare, represented by the constellation Lepus. The smaller dog is represented by the neighbouring constellation Canis Minor.

“According to Greek Mythology, Laelaps was a dog that always caught whatever it hunted. The dog features in a variety of myths, including one in which it was sent to hunt the Teumessian fox, a fox that could never be caught. Realizing that they were doomed to be the hunter and the hunted for eternity, Zeus turned them both to stone then placed them in the sky as the constellations we know as Canis Major (Laelaps) and Canis Minor (the Teumessian fox). The irony, of course, is that they continue the chase in an eternal hunt, with Canis Minor rising in the winter skies about an hour before Canis Major.” – Globe At Night

What is showing up?

Well, these energies can mean a lot for a lot of different people. You yourself can connect with this energy and determine your own resonances with what you are shown, what shows up & your experiences that take place over the next three days. This ability to adapt to Sirius’ energy comes also from the vastness of meaning that corresponds across history and cultures. Sure, there are the above defining influences of Sirius, but they’re not the sole essence of this conjunction. So, explore this energy through meditation, channelling, whatever means of vibrational elevation you reside with & know that you way is 100% the best way.

Key theme:

Having said all of that, essentially you can use this as a time to connect with your idea of fame, honour and riches. What those themes mean to you, how do you affiliate with each of those terms? Depending upon where Mars & Jupiter reside in your astrological birth chart, this could be a wonderful time for you of the gaining of wealth, positive commercial business results, or in the dealings of government proceedings and needs.

The Good News?

Aside from the need to perhaps ensure that you are addressing those inner needs and callings head-on. Sirius in this position can help you to thrust forwards with your creative pursuits, so is a wonderful time to focus energy and explore creation.


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