Full Moon in Aquarius: Blue Storm Moon

This Blue Storm Full Moon in Aquarius brings with it energy of innovation, change & future vision.

Peak Full Moon dates: 22nd August

With the new moon effects lasting three days either side of when the new moon will peak [see time below]

Peak [Eastern Australian Time]:

9:51pm on the 22nd of August

Star Sign:








Full Moon in Aquarius


Can you feel the energy building? The excitement of the seasons change, the cold [& old] making way for the new?

This Full Moon aligns too with Jupiter, also signalling a time of good fortune & growth. Growth in relationships is also a key factor to this combination, boasting greater commitments in love and connections.

All connecting and corresponding astrological elements at this time are positive placements, further enhancing a positive Full Moon energy & even the same positive results.

What’s The [real] Vibe?

Energy will be heightened in a positive direction, although pay attention to where you are applying yourself. Your positivity may spill over into over-excitement, so remember to ground and remain level-headed. Especially in areas of romance and commitment. Running ahead of the race, caught-up in the fun-fare of the newness of things, may tip the scales too much one direction.

Pay attention to positive people in your life, you will find yourself more drawn to their energy. Positive feminine energy promises to bring about some useful and exciting information for you. At the very core of things, embrace this Full Moon phase as a time of happiness, in whatever way that manifests for you.

Full Moon in Aquarius Mantra

“Positive change finds me in freely innovative ways, that align with my future vision & goals”

Tips for Full Moon in Aquarius:

  • Get yourself the new shoes, jacket, or start wearing the beret you’ve always wanted.
  • Allow your external self to reflect the unique and unapologetic you from within.
  • Go and have yourself a mini makeover. Better yet, go the full she-bang and treat yourself!
  • Try a new recipe
  • Sign up for a new class or activity
  • Take up a new hobby or interest

Crystals for connecting:

  • Black Obsidian
  • Garnet
  • Malachite
  • Bloodstone
  • Moonstone

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