July 24th Full Moon in Aquarius: Reflection

July 24th Full Moon in Aquarius: What does this mean for you?

Peak Full Moon dates: 23/24th of July

With the new moon effects lasting three days either side of when the new moon will peak [see time below]

Peak [Eastern Australian Time]:

12:23pm on the 24th

Star Sign:









Full Moon in Aquarius

Full moons are emotional periods, where we’re invited to reflect over the month that was. Taking our lessons and readjusting our goals and motivations for the future, and reapplying our energies accordingly. It’s a wonderful time for reflection, as we look over and release things that we no longer desire or need within our lives.

What’s The Vibe?

Full moons are a great time to release. With the Sun now in Leo opposing the Moon in Aquarius, we are more drawn to how our stance and platform can be better used in the uplifting of others. Leo is a dominant, strong sign, with an urge to lead and be heard. While the Aquarian energy is more externalised to what can be best served and helped with others.

On the flip of this, with Venus opposing Jupiter, there may be instances of irritation and annoyance within our relationships and partnerships. Energies combined with the Aquarian full moon, may have you taking a different glance around your external reality. Then, finding frustration when both internal and external worlds aren’t in alignment with our desires.

Elements of struggle may also arise for those struggling with the work/home balance. Finding many feeling as though there is not enough needed distance between the two.

Manifest your Dreams:

With this Full Moon theme of reflection, this is a wonderful time to do just that. You may desire to take a personal glance over how you impact and contribute to your surroundings. Are you using your voice in ways that uplift and support your community and goals?

Allow yourself patience in those moments of possible frustration with those around you and your environment.

Tips for Super Full Moon in Aquarius:

  • Be patient with your loved ones, as tensions may run high.
  • Find a calm and peaceful space within the home for you to unwind if energies are too heavy
  • Remember to reassess your goals, ensuring your energy is within alignment with them
  • Change anything in your reality that doesn’t serve your true purpose/goal
  • Be open to helping others in your community

Crystals for connecting:

  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Pyrite
  • Golden Calcite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Rhodonite
  • Hematite

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