Collective Energy Update for the Week Ahead

Energy Update for the Week Ahead

Energy Update:

There’s been a lot of recent changes in your life. Some have been anticipated & others have not. Your ability to adapt to all that is and has been thrown your way is a testament to your resilience. It’s not time now to focus your energy on those who’ve stuck by you during recent changes where you’ve felt like you were pushed aside, or perhaps where you felt you needed help and support. Your energy now is going to be best spent on riding this next wave of experience. Return to your roots, your more humble beginnings. As you may have forgotten, we all come into this world in the same form, with the same heart & all must grow over time with what life throws our way. This isn’t rock bottom, you’ve been in worse situations than this. It’s merely a reminder of such & a signal to you now that the fight is over. Use this week to start the process of rebuilding and regaining your footing before the next adventure begins.

Collective Readings

A collective reading combines a lot of varied factors in its execution. Sometimes, not always, the messages may be more general & come as a way of providing hope and guidance to many. Other times the messages may resonate with a small few in aid of their current assistance. A collective reading should always be taken with the message of, ‘take what resonates & leave what does not.’ In the knowing that those whom need the guidance will receive the message. Not meaning anyone is any more important, just that we’re all on different levels of experience on our journeys together.

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