Chiron Retrograde: Our Wounds Discovered

Chiron, our biggest wound, is going retrograde from now until December 19th

This will bring up areas of yourself that are yet to be healed. Chiron is our wounded healer, triggering desires to heal what is broken. This energy also brings in opportunities to reunite and reconnect, bringing us together with those we’re separated from. The wounds of Chiron are those that take lifetimes to heal, so it’s perfect time to pay attention to any repeating habits and events that keep resurfacing.

Going inwards to see where our answers reside will be a key element of this presented energy. Pay attention to your feelings and emotions, as we find ourselves more receptive to being triggered by externals. This all boils down to Chiron often asking us to pay attention and bring to the surface that which we may have yet to resolve.

This energy will be focused largely on pain and traumas from our childhoods. As this retrograde moves through the sign of Aries; Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac. As these wounds begin to open from now until December, you will also begin the processes of mending them.

Some key themes during this Chiron retrograde:

  • Raised Awareness
  • Past traumas resurfacing
  • Deeper connection with who we are
  • Independence
  • Courage to fight and move forward

What to anticipate and be aware of this Chiron Retrograde:

With the focus on our past, given the presence of Aries for this retrograde, there will be the circumstances presenting that will aid in your release of pains connected with your childhood. Anything from the past that is showing up and still having cause and effect within your present situations. Allow the wounds to open, as this will also be a great time of healing. Ensuring that you are able to mend your past in the process.

What to do if faced with situations that go against your desires during this Chiron retrograde:

Take a look at why tough situations are showing up at this time, as these will be the clear indicators of what you have to heal.

Use those moments of emotional trigger as doorways to your wounds of the past. Allow yourself to progress through what you can, and release what you may in order to shift out and release another layer of any areas of past torment.

What to embrace:

Any hidden information emotions to the surface.

When you’re triggered, take these moments as .

Shifting into a creative space; both personally and perhaps professionally.

Remember, these transitions are often arrived at times when they’re needed, but also when unexpected. Go forward with a clearer mindset and understanding, that any changes upcoming have real potential to allow you to grow for the better.

Know that this retrograde may rouse dormant rivals, or surface those that have been dishonest or disloyal in your praise.

Do not take everything at face value, rather, run those background checks and question anything you sense may not be in your best good.

Embrace the changes that will flow to you, as there will be many positives to surface during these coming months.

Happy Retrograde!

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