Are They The One?

Are you curious about if you’re heading towards commitment? Do you have an eerie sense of something more to come, something big, that has your heart fluttering and your soul dancing? Are you questioning if they are the one?

This seven card spread is designed to align you with answering that very question. Perhaps all you need is a little understanding before making a move or taking action, don’t we all?

Take your time, get your energy into the space of connection, shuffle and allow yourself to be guided towards long and lasting love.


Card One: Is this person “the one”?

Allow yourself the time to sit with the card that falls. What does the card make you feel? What connections can be made between the card and the person in question?

Card Two: Is this someone that is open and ready for a committed relationship?

Perhaps this someone could be “the one” but they’re not someone that’s willing or open to commit. If that’s the case, would you be willing to pursue them if their needs aren’t in alignment with your own? The importance here is to note that because this person may be “the one” doesn’t mean they’re the one for you. Know that if they’re not, then that doesn’t mean that “the one” isn’t out there, simply that this one isn’t them.

Card Three: Cause for concern

Something to mindful of. Perhaps your previous relationship was tarnished by an overbearing friend, ex or family member? Perhaps theirs was. This question is here to give you insight into what you may find is in the way of your happiness, and deciding if it’s a no-go.

Card Four: Cause for excitement

What can you look forward to together? What does this person have to offer the relationship? Use this section to see what may be showing up that will have you excited at the prospect of a relationship together.

Card Five: What can you bring to the relationship?

So, perhaps they’re the one you’ve been looking for, they tick all of the boxes. Are you ready? Is a relationship what you’re truly looking for right now. Let’s see here what you have to offer and what you can bring to the betterment of this possible union.

Card Six: Your Non-negotiable

What’s a no-brainer requirement for you, for this to truly be considered as something to pursue? These would be the things they would have to provide and be adaptable to, in order to fulfil your utmost needs in a relationship. This may show up as kids, as a large family, acceptance of a large family, friends, career, etc.

Card Seven: Future Happiness Together

Will this someone be in alignment with yourself and your needs together, for many years to come? Will this be a short-lived fling, weeks of dating and fizzle; or will this person be your person and you equally be theirs? Do you share the same future outlook, goals, hold similar values?

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