Taurus Season 2021

Happy Birthday Taurus!

This Taurus Season will open you to the desires you have within yourself. To use and spend your time wisely.  Taurus energy is grounded, slow and calm, when all is going well.

Taurus is the very first earth sign in the zodiac. This sign rules over the body, nature, our possessions, and personal finances. The Bull feels most at home, most comfortable, when within their own space. Enjoying their possessions and personal freedom to do, move, go as they please.  While it is one of the more shy signs of the zodiac, those with a Taurus sun are very grounded, love getting their hands dirty, hard work, and have an eye for luxury.

Therefore, these themes will be present and heightened during this time.

If you’re someone that usually revels in being busy and rushing from dawn to dusk, then this energy may cause you to struggle to keep going. As Taurus asks us to be a little more present in each moment. Absorbing all we do with awareness.

Mercury in Taurus

With mercury also present during this time, the need to slow down is even more intensified.

As the ego hones in on what we experience physically, the fixed earthy Taurus needs to see results. Therefore, the bull isn’t flippant in the changing of opinion. So, if you are forced with a lot of changes, work load, events, and find yourself on the move this month. Trying to break every task down into palatable bite-sized tasks, will help keep you from feeling frazzled or overwhelmed.

The good news is that planning and co-ordinating will be welcomed. As we’re open to abundance during this time, the planning needed to reworking of our goals and manifestations will be welcomed too.

A reminder to not allow the natural stubbornness within the bull to be what holds us back in these areas. Again, be open to hearing what others have to say, before any predetermined ideas can be solidified.

Embracing Taurus Season

Your best ideas and plans will arrive to you when you’re most grounded and at peace within yourself. Spending time in nature to open your energy, while grounding your spirit, will help you to revel in the sweetness this energy.

Connect with;
  • Long nature walks
  • picnics, hikes, bike rides, time spent outdoors
  • warm cosy baths at the end of a long day [add lavender, sandalwood and/or cloves to further enhance the grounding elements of the bath]
  • Switching off from technology
  • Reading a good book
  • Enjoying a glass of wine or sweet treat in the comfort of your favourite area of the home
  • decluttering/organising/dusting, clearing out spaces within and outside that home that could benefit from some attention
  • Garden; potting, planting, replanting
  • Tending to any natural spaces within and/or around the home
  • Partaking in some gentle movement, yoga, meditation

Anything that slows you down, that you enjoy and that helps you to switch off from life’s obligations will lighten your soul & bring you much peace. You will find yourself more drawn to slow down and choosing to work with this energy will have you feeling wonderful throughout this month.

Birthstone: Emerald

Ruled By: Venus

Famous Taureans: 

  • William Shakespeare
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Megan Fox
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • George Clooney
  • Adele
  • David Beckham
  • Billy Joel

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