June Tarotscopes 2021

Here is your full Tarotscopes for June. Covering all Astrological Sun Signs.

Tarotscopes combine elements of the Tarot and Astrology to create your months forecast.

This month we will begin in the clever and curious Air sign of Gemini, before we transition over to sentimental Cancer on June 21st.

So, let’s see what is showing up this month for each sign

Aries – [March 21 – April 19]

Tarotscopes Pull: 1 The Magician

Are you fully aware of your potential, Aries?

How are you actively seeking out what is best for you?

Because The Magician’s energy is showing up for you this month & is suggesting that you may not be seeing everything that is at your full disposal.

If there are obstacles for you this month, then become aware of your ability to navigate through them. For those whom have been facing a period of struggle and hardship, there is more that will be uncovered this month. As your awareness becomes elevated to what has otherwise been left unseen up until now.

Stretch your possibilities & don’t settle for anything this month.

Tarotscopes Love:

There’s a possibility for relationships to be rekindled this month, if that is your desire. At the prospect of a past lover resurfacing, ensure it’s what you want too.

Taurus – [April 20 – May 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: 7 The Hanged Man

A key theme of surrender for you this month Taurus.

You may be clinging on too tightly and allowing your energy to become consumed where it isn’t best spent.

Where can you reassess and become more responsible with yourself, in order to avoid unwanted circumstance?

Tarotscopes Love:

You may find yourself frustrated in areas of love this month. As things may not progress as you would like. Give-in to what cannot be controlled and refocus your energy onto tasks more positive and uplifting.

Gemini – Happy Birthday! [May 21 – June 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: 20 Judgement

Some possibly large and life-altering choices may soon manifest in your life, Gemini.

If you are seeking major change, then embrace your desires and move towards them. Rome wasn’t built in a day, however you may not be building the colosseum.

There’s a real chance for changes you want to find you quickly this month.

Tarotscopes Love:

Who’s ready for love? The energy of the Judgement card for you this month shows that new romance may find you. This also suggests that those already committed may see their relationship transcend to the next level.

Cancer [June 21 – July 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: Ace of Cups

A perfect time for you to be going within this month, Cancer. Look inwards in order to uncover your truest desires and motivations for the future.

If you’ve been feeling a little lost and unable to see where you wish to head. Then take this time and regain that awareness within your life.

Doing so will help you to see what is truly best for you.

Tarotscopes Love:

Old flames and deeper understanding for you, Cancer. As relationships re-unite and passions intensify.

Where do you see your future love life heading? Ask yourself.

Leo [July 23 – August 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: 17 The Star

Where there has been confusion, sadness and loss, comes a new hope.

The host of opportunity coming your way will provide your life with energetic vibrancy this month, Leo.

All new adventures coming your way, changes and opportunities. Seize them and use them to help aid in the fulfilment of your goals.

Tarotscopes Love:

A heightened level of romantic intimacy for you this month. Igniting the spark and bringing in renewed love to your romantic life.

Virgo [August 23 – September 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: King of Swords

An energy of balance and neutrality will be required for you to succeed this month, Virgo.

It may be difficult to stand-back and take the higher road. However, doing so will avoid unwanted conflict and attention.

Tarotscopes Love:

A focus on self-love this month. As it seems you may be less interested in focusing energy upon the needs of others. Filling your cup is important too.

April Tarotscopes

Libra [September 23 – October 22]

Tarotscopes Pull: Page of Swords

Libra, now is not the time to throw in the towel and give up. Look over what you have achieved and where you still have left to go.

Re-focus yourself and the tasks you will have show up this month. With a more refined planning you will find yourself feeling less overwhelmed.

Tarotscopes Love:

What does your ideal relationship look like? Are you simply agreeing to go along with others in your romantic life, at the expense of your own needs?

Scorpio [October 23 – November 21]

Tarotscopes Pull: Queen of Wands

You will need to adapt to any changes that show up this month in order to move past them.

Digging your heels in and refusing to budge when change shows up for you, will only keep you stuck.

Learning to be a little more relaxed with your planning may actually help progress to find you quicker.

Tarotscopes Love:

You may find yourself desiring to spruce up the home. Take a look at what isn’t working and what you can change-up. The revitalised energy will do yourself and your love life good.

Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21]

Tarotscopes Pull: 4 of Swords

A much needed break it seems. You’ve been going a-thousand-miles-minute and that energy may start to catch up with you.

Take some time out where you can, how you can, Sagittarius. Where problems arise, sometimes a turning a blind-eye is the best you can do.

Tarotscopes Love:

You may find it important to spend some quality time with yourself this month. Taking a break from others and ensuring that your cup is full.

Capricorn [December 22 – January 19]

Tarotscopes Pull: 5 of cups

How can you move on?

Whatever has happened in the past has happened. If there is outcomes you cannot change, nor words you can take back, then leave it there.

Allow yourself to become free of any lingering guilt or bitter memories that are no longer within your position to change.

Tarotscopes Love:

There’s an argumentative energy between partners this month. Sometimes now is not the best time to hash things out.

Take whatever breaks you need for yourself to regroup with a better mindset later.

Aquarius [January 20 – February 18]

Tarotscopes Pull: 8 of Wands [rev]

This month it will do you well to avoid taking on too much.

If you need to say no, pull back, or reassess your commitments. Then do so knowing that taking on more than you can handle will only have adverse effects.

Tarotscopes Love:

You may be too busy to focus your energy on love this month. The needs and requirements of others may be too tiresome to even engage with.

Focus on yourself to regain a more positive love outlook.

Pisces [February 19 – March 20]

Tarotscopes Pull: 0 The Fool

It’s time for you to make the best choices for you, before you even begin. New tasks or new projects, now is not the time to be impulsive with your decisions.

Tarotscopes Love:

You may find yourself tossing around your options this month.

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