What this Full Moon in Virgo means for your Star/Sun sign

What this Full Moon in Virgo means for your Star/Sun sign, article by PTV Psychic, Michael Dimarco

As the Full Moon this week heads into Virgo. It is no surprise that we’re being influenced with a keen eye for detail and intensive focus, on what’s working and what’s not. Yet with the Sun in Pisces, you’ll need to be wary if you’re seeing your current reality clearly.


You’re being called to find grounding and healing in your day-to-day life, Aries. Beaming over your responsible, daily rituals, due diligence, and acts of service. This Mercury-ruled lunation is a culmination of the seeds you’ve been planting these last six months. With the messenger planet sitting close to Jupiter in Pisces comes surrender, and forgiveness. This isn’t only an opportunity for you to cultivate a divine balance between your mind, body, and soul. But also a chance to reconnect with spirit.

Fortunately, with your planetary ruler, Mars sitting alongside Venus in Aquarius. You’re becoming more familiar with the people you can trust and depend on. Ask yourself: How can you make more time for yourself in your daily routine?



When you do something from the heart it shows, Taurus. Not to worry, if you’ve been secretly longing for inspiration. You’re just in time to start over as the full moon in Virgo will bring grounding and harvest to your expressive creativity, infatuation, love, passion, and pleasure. Whether personally or professionally, this is an opportunity for you to experiment. Especially with the moon’s ruler, Mercury, sitting close to Jupiter in Pisces. So many opportunities, so little time? Your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, will also be dazzling.

Meaning: there’s plenty of room for you to express yourself, and potentially integrate more of your humanitarian energy. With the people you work with, and with regards to your reputation in the world.  Ask yourself: What needs to change in your world?



It’s all a work in progress, Gemini. And despite whether you feel comfortable doing so, this may require you to venture outside of your comfort zone. Whether it revolves around an outdated belief system, or a study you’re interested in exploring. This is all going to help you reconnect with your soul’s truth and more importantly, come back home to yourself. That being said, this year’s resourceful full moon will touch down in your home, family matters, and emotional stability. Bringing closure and clarity to your inner world.

In the meantime, Mercury — both your celestial ruler and that of the full moon — will be transiting. All while sitting closely to Jupiter in dreamy Pisces, but there’s more. Mars-Venus in Aquarius will continue to dazzle your house adventure, entrepreneurial ventures, and unknown territory. Bringing inspiring opportunities to your doorstep. Ask yourself: What brings you emotional fulfilment? 



Connect, engage, and use your voice for the good of mankind, Cancer. This year’s full moon in Virgo will activate your intellectually of siblings, neighbours, and local networks. Bringing themes surrounding everything from your communication style and/or immediate exchanges to fruition. When was the last time you engaged with your peers, or brainstormed on a new project? Keep in mind,  Mercury — the moon’s planetary ruler — will be sitting close to lucky Jupiter in Pisces.

Which means there’s more than enough room for you to express yourself, and relay your message to the masses. Given dynamic duo Mars-Venus’ desire to experiment in Aquarius this may require a certain amount of compromise and loyalty. But it’s all leading you on an exciting new path. Ask Yourself: Is your latest business strategy bringing the results you seek?



Your sense of security is under the spotlight of this lunation, Leo. Both when it comes to your individual earnings, as well as your ability to depend and place your trust in others. You are being encouraged to take a closer look at the foundation of your bonds, whether personally, financially or spiritually speaking. This is especially true when considering Mercury and Jupiter’s transit through Pisces. So, in addition to highlighting the “health” of your connection, this also brings emphasis to the details of you and your partner’s contribution.

Meanwhile, with Mars and Venus dazzling through freedom-loving Aquarius, of agreements, compromise, and significant others, there is room for innovation and progress with regards to your one-on-one partnerships. Ask yourself: How have you been nurturing your connections?  



This one’s got your name on it, Virgo. Happy full moon! If you think back to September 2021 with regards to your objectives and seeds of intention, this month’s full moon is bringing some of these hopes and dreams full circle. Congratulations! This could require some inner work, it’s nothing you haven’t experienced before. Moreover, with your celestial ruler, Mercury, sitting close to Jupiter in Pisces, chances are your full moon moment revolves around the foundation of your one-on-one connections, namely with regards to the people you can trust and depend on.

How can you continue meeting your significant other(s) half-way, whether personally or professionally speaking? What are they contributing to your world? With Mars and Venus transiting through experimental Aquarius, due diligence, and acts of service, there could also be some exciting developments when it comes to your day-to-day routine, lifestyle, and well being. Ask yourself: Where should you continue to invest your time and energy?



It’s time for a mini timeout, Libra. The full moon Virgo will glimmer through closure, dreams, karma, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, bringing themes surrounding your solitude and spiritual well being too fruition. Although, with Mercury — the moon’s ruler — sitting close to Jupiter in Pisces due diligence, and acts of service, this could have something to do with your sacrifices, especially those of you who have been unconsciously neglecting your needs.

Meanwhile, with your planetary ruler Venus sitting alongside its divine counterpart Mars in Aquarius, your decision to retreat is more than likely driven by your individual freedom and desire for experimentation. Remember, Virgo is detail oriented and on the dark side, overcritical. So, check in with yourself and find time to decompress before adding unnecessary pressure. Ask yourself: Are your day-to-day rituals benefiting you mentally, physically, and spiritually?



Your community needs you more than you know, Scorpio. Whether personally or professionally, the full moon in Virgo is bringing something with regards to your individual freedom and sense of belonging in the world full circle, but there’s more. Amidst the full moon, its celestial ruler, Mercury, will sit close to Jupiter in Pisces. How can you integrate more of your talents and skills with your community affairs? It’s time to cultivate a healthy equilibrium between your soul’s truth and your relationship with the masses.

However, with your traditional ruler, Mars, sitting alongside Venus in Aquarius, there could be some past energy lingering that needs healing. Your boundaries and social life are putting a spotlight on some of the deep-seated patterns that need more of your attention. Ask yourself: Does your community feel like home?



There is grace, magic, and healing behind your words, Sagittarius. And though the full moon in Virgo will touch down on your ambitious, there are a series of astrological aspects to consider simultaneously. For instance, the moon’s ruler, Mercury, will be sitting close to your celestial ruler, Jupiter,, highlighting the balance between your personal vs. professional life at this time.

Fortunately, with the help of Mars and Venus in Aquarius. There are opportunities for you to think outside the box, especially when it comes to your self-care rituals and professional support systems. Remember, you have a community of individuals you can lean on for both the support and inspiration you seek. Nevertheless, something in your professional life could come full circle. Ask yourself: Are you showing up for yourself, too?



There’s a world of possibilities for you to explore, Capricorn. This is especially true when considering this month’s resourceful full moon in Virgo. As it will ignite your expansive of adventure, experience, wisdom, and unknown territory. This could, in turn, bring something to fruition with regards to your individual belief system. As well as the long-term goals you’ve been working diligently towards. Remember, Virgo rules the mind so many of you could be strategizing on next steps when it comes to publishing, entrepreneurial ventures, and more at this time.

Keep in mind, with Mars-Venus in Aquarius sizzling through, there are opportunities for an increase in income and from the looks of it, a variety of options to choose from. By all means, lean on your associates, community, and peers for support; the results might surprise you. Ask yourself: Do you have any investments in mind?



Take a closer look at the foundation of your collaborations, Aquarius. Whether personally or professionally, the full moon in Virgo will shed light. Bringing clarity and closure to something that could’ve been possibly hidden from your conscious mind. And with the moon’s ruler, Mercury, sitting close to Jupiter in Pisces. It’s important to reflect on whether there are equal amounts of reciprocity in this connection. On another note, this is an opportunity to reflect on the areas where you’ve been feeling limited or restricted. As it could very well be an illusion. There will be no room with “lack mentality,” especially not where you’re headed.

Fortunately, with the help of Mars and Venus dazzling through your sign. You have more than enough confidence and sparkling charisma to make an impression. Ask yourself: Are you owning up to your self-worth?



Use your discernment when it comes to your relationships and collaborations, Pisces. There will be a meticulous full moon in Virgo igniting your committed seventh house of agreements. Compromise and significant others, putting a magnifying glass on themes. Themes surrounding everything from the foundation of a significant union to your ability to meet your partner half-way. Luckily, with the moon’s ruler, Mercury. Sitting close to your traditional ruler, Jupiter, in your sign. There’s plenty of room for you to hog the spotlight, and take the lead.

However, there is some inner work for you to do, especially with Mars and Venus transiting through freedom-loving Aquarius. Having said that, this is an opportunity for you to rest, retreat, and heal. Even if that means taking a well-deserved break away from the crowd. Reflect on how your inner word reflects onto your connections. Ask yourself: How has your approach to others evolved?


Remember that when the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Virgo. This is the perfect time to explore your head (Virgo) vs. heart (Pisces).


Written by Psychic TV Psychic Michael Dimarco

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